You are unable to give because you have misunderstood forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean

· You are excusing another person’s actions or you are supporting other person’s actions

· Forgiveness doesn’t mean you should forget about the incident

· It doesn’t mean you should no more feel about the incident

· It doesn’t mean you should include that person in your life

Then what does forgiveness mean? Forgiveness means to accept the reality and let go of it, forgiveness means not to hold resentment against the person. Forgiveness is not for someone else but it is for you and your peace of mind. But when someone has hurt you so much it becomes difficult to forgive but forgiveness is necessary for your good. So how to forgive the person when you find it difficult?

· Think about the incident

Remember the incident. Remember the exact details, do they matter now? Not really. What is done is done, you cannot change anything about it. So accept the incident, accept the fact that it happened to you and start moving on.

· Think about the person

Think about the person who trespassed against you. It’s natural you don’t like him. So is it important to keep thinking about him? If you don’t forgive, you are going to keep thinking about the person and start hating him. Instead, try to understand the person. He is a human and all humans are flawed, they do mistakes. So there must be some reason behind the hurtful behaviour of that person. Understanding the individual’s situation will help you forgive.

· Think about the lesson you learned from it

Even if it was a bad experience and you were disappointed with the behaviour of someone. I am sure there must be something you learned from the experience. The person who hurt you also taught you something be grateful for the teaching and let off

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