You might have heard about Sadhguru a lot of times, many of you might be following his videos and taking lessons. Sadhguru is an enlightened personality and mystic from India. When he talks, he seems very intelligent and talks very logically and practically. He doesn’t talk on topics that are too sacred, you can ask him questions on absolutely anything like sex, food, rape, death, love, etc. He is hands down one of the wisest teachers you’ll see. You must follow his videos, also available on YouTube in short clips.

· Never forget you are mortal

“You are mortal and it is ticking away. So there is no time for frustration, depression, anxiety, anger or for any unpleasantness in this life.” We often forget that we are mortal and are going to die one day. We waste our life by being angry at someone or not talking to them, we waste our life not enjoying every moment we get. Only people who touch the death bed understand the meaning of living life. Therefore, start living and enjoying every moment because time is ticking and once the moment is gone it will never return.

· Look at what binds you

“The ropes that bind you and the walls that block you- these are one hundred per cent of your making. And these are all you need to unknot and dismantle.” If you think someone else is confining you from freedom, then you are wrong. You yourself are binding yourself with the ropes and walls that are built by your own thoughts. If you want freedom, dismantle these walls and walk out free. Don’t search for freedom instead of search for what is restricting you from being free and then overcome the binds.

· Change yourself, don’t try to change everyone else

“I want to change you – that is not a revolution. I’m willing to change – now this is a revolution.” We never think of ourselves as someone with flaws. We often see flaws in others and point out at them and expect them to change but no one ever talks about changing themselves. The fact is you can’t change everyone around you and the best option is to change yourself and make yourself more tolerant, patient and kind to fit into the world.

· Give up your conclusions

“Stop bullshitting yourself. Learn to say “I do not know”. What is wrong with that? I do not know carries a tremendous possibility. The moment you destroy “I do not know” you destroy all possibilities of knowing. The very longing to know you destroy. Confusion is better than stupid conclusions. In confusion, there is still a possibility. In a stupid conclusion, there is no possibility.”

Stop assuming things, stop jumping to conclusions by joining the dots if you don’t know something ask for the information and keep asking until you are very sure. Sometimes when you don’t know you just pick up one side according to your convenience and stick to it. Why don’t you be more honest and say I don’t know or I have no idea and stick to it.

· Don’t talk about anything you haven’t experienced

“I know any number of teachers are feeding you with philosophies and explanations for everything that is not in your experience. People have been talking about Gods and heavens and spirits and souls with great confidence and authority. Are they talking about something they have seen?” we will find many people along the journey who will talk a lot about things and try to act spiritual or sometimes teach you things that they themselves have never experienced, so don’t be like them. Talk only when you have experienced don’t share rumours or spread lies.

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