There were many great personalities who made their mark on the world just by striving hard for peace. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, etc. All tried to promote peace and non- violence throughout their life. Though they made a huge impact on the world, there’s no world peace yet and we must all try our best to bring world peace and as they say, ‘Charity begins at home’ you must start spreading peace all by yourself. Here’s how you can spread peace and help the world be a better place to live.

· Smile at strangers

Not at all difficult, a small gesture from your side can make someone’s day. If you find someone trying to argue with you just give them the biggest and most genuine smile of yours, I am sure their anger will melt away and you can now solve your conflicts peacefully.

· Achieve inner peace

Before trying to spread peace, you must be peaceful from within. Your inner self should be at calm because unless you are calm and peaceful you can’t exhibit it in your behaviour. So if you want to spread peace first make peace with your inner self. Forgive yourself if you haven’t, meditate regularly, let go of things, try to live in present.

· Be kind and express gratitude

Be kind towards other living beings, always help someone in need. Speak gently with people, don’t raise your voice on people. Being kind to someone doesn’t need any efforts it just needs compassion for humans and animals to be tolerant with them and help them whenever they need it. Similarly, when someone else helps you be grateful and express it promptly. Expressing gratitude is the best way to appreciate another person and encourage them to help and be kind to more people.

· Always listen before you act

One of the important rules of spreading peace is to listen before you act. Many of us, don’t listen to the entire thing, which creates misunderstanding and might even lead to fights and arguments. To avoid those unnecessary fights, always listen completely and then act. Also, it’s important to think before acting because every action has a reaction and thus it’s important that you beforehand think about reaction and take your action accordingly, considering the peaceful resolution of conflict.
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