We all try different kinds of methods to be happy or satisfied in our life. Many of these methods involve doing a lot of hard work and going through a lot of stress and finally achieve our goal. But even after completing the most difficult task of our life we sometimes feel unsatisfied. It feels like there is still a void left to be filled in our hearts. That void is nothing but our parents’ love and care that we miss since we ignore them while achieving our goals. It is not wrong to focus on our studies and job but spending some time of our life with our parents is equally important, especially if you are away from home.

It won’t hurt us to call them once a day. That’s all they need and want from you. Just knowing you are doing okay or hearing your voice is gold for them. We get so worked up in growing up and moving forward that we forget our parents who are getting old. After all that they have done for you, and will never stop doing, it is our prime duty as children to look after them. We just can’t repay them for what they have done for us, but at least we can try.  They are nothing but proud and happy about all our achievements in our life. But what good are those achievements if not celebrated with family.

The only thing we learn here is that you can travel the whole nation, the continent or even the world, but keep your parents close to you all the time. Someday you will be a parent and will go through the same situation in your life. Make sure to be a good son or daughter and set an example for your children. Just a simple act of a little help to your mom or little manly talks with your dad can make them feel very happy, and no happiness in the world is greater than making your parents happy. Keep your money, give them your time and care!!!!