We have heard of many stories, where people visited their loved ones and often asked for forgiveness. There are also stories where people have been talking about their ancestors just before their death. So is it possible to know when you are dying?Not everyone can know it. Sometimes people unconsciously do stuff which later indicates that maybe they knew they were going to die.

Some spiritual people say that humans can know when they are going to die. There are many theories that suggest that humans visit Earth with a purpose and take an exit when the purpose is fulfilled. There are also theories that say though there are various exit points we come across during our lifetime it’s us to decide which one to select and take an exit from life on earth.

Though as a normal human being, it’s hard to tell when are you going to die but there are certain signs that can be considered as an indication when your death is nearing. However, talking religiously life and death are in the hands of God. Following signs can help you know if your death is near provided you are going to die a natural death.

· A person who is nearing his death period will often be tired and weak. People who are ill for a long time now will face this sign and their weakness will increase until they become unconscious.

· While dying the body’s metabolism slows down and people require very less food, which results in loss of appetite in the last few weeks of life. It is a very common sign of knowing if the person is going to die.

· Just before death, some people become restless, agitated and confused. This is known as terminal restlessness. It often occurs within the last few days of life.

· Due to extreme tiredness and weakness, the person can find it difficult to communicate with people around. They might even find it difficult to open their eyes. However, their brain keeps on functioning and they can listen to you and feel your touch but can’t react.

· The breathing pattern of people nearing their death changes. Periods of rapid breathing followed by short periods of no breathing at all are very common towards the end of life.

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