Everyone wants to be respected but no one really knows how to make people respect you. You must first get it clear in your head that you can’t force someone to respect you as respect should be earned and not asked for. If you want to be respected stop focusing on changing yourself instead focus on other people. If you start changing yourself according to what people might respect then you would be a totally different person and that’s not the right way to earn respect. You should be respected for who you are. Here are 6 ways you can earn respect.

· Stop apologising unnecessarily

When you apologise without any reason and simply keep saying “I am sorry” are the ones considered weak and someone who lacks self-confidence. Such people are often not respected by society or their colleagues. Therefore, stop apologising for each and everything, build self-confidence and stand up for yourself whenever necessary.

· Respect other people’s time

Don’t waste other people’s time. You must respect their time if you want your time to be respected by them. You can do it by arriving on meetings at time, not talking about useless things and talking only what is required, making it easier to make decisions, etc.

· Practice humility

Don’t misinterpret confidence with ego. Confidence is necessary for life but the ego will destroy your happiness. If you want to earn respect you must practice humility. You must accept the fact there is always someone who is better than you and there’s nothing to be ashamed of it but you must learn from them without getting your ego in between.

· Respect yourself

Before expecting it from others, do it yourself. If you don’t respect yourself no one will ever respect you, no matter how nice you are to them or how much you earn money. Respecting self is a priority if you want to be respected.

· Speak up and stand up for yourself

Don’t let it go when you are mistreated, speak up for yourself. You can be polite while speaking up but don’t be silent. Speaking up is not always an easy thing to do and that’s why many people don’t get the respect they deserve.

· Be empathic

Understand other people, always keep humanity above everything. Everyone has their own reasons to react or act in a certain way. Look beyond the action and understand the reason behind it. Empathize with people who are going through a tough time. Caring for people, always showing humanity will definitely help you earn respect as long as people believe in respecting humans no matter who or what they are.

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