Being intimate with the love of your life will be the closest bond you’ll ever share with anyone. It’s the most beautiful and satisfying thing you experience. So why not do it in the right way! There are many types of sex, quicker, rough sex, passionate and romantic one. Everyone has its own thrills but romantic sex is one of the most beautiful types. So to enjoy romantic sex, it becomes important to build up romance before the actual act. All we know about romance is from movies and books and it’s too cheesy to seem real, so here’s how to build romance without appearing cheesy to your partner.

· Set the mood

Setting up the mood is very essential especially if your partner is female. They love it when the environment is romantic and helps them turn on. Light up candles, scented ones if possible or you can also light string lights just to give that dim light effect. Make sure the background noise is pleasant like that of soft music and not kids crying. See that the evening should be all yours and there should be no distractions.

· Make eye contact

To begin with, make eye contact and understand how much you love the person standing in front of you. Eye contact is so romantic yet so sexy at the same time, it makes you fall in love and lust all at the same time. So share a good moment of eye contact where you give undivided attention to your partner.

· Snuggle and cuddle

Cuddling and snuggling are also necessary before you get into the act. It helps to turn the heat on. You can be absolutely romantic while you cuddle and talk about each other or about your relationship. However, make sure you don’t come up with any debatable topic. Take your time to enjoy each other’s touch and company.

· Make out

Kissing and making out is the next step you jump to. It is necessary to have a good session of making out where you explore each others body by kissing and doing other romantic stuff. It helps turning you really on where your female partner starts getting wet and her body is ready for sex. This is a very important reason why you must indulge in foreplay before sex.

· Talk dirty

It’s completely optional, but if you can do it nothing better like it. Talking dirty to your partner is extremely hot and increases the temperature in the room. Many people find it exciting when their partner talks dirty to them. Finally, it’s your take whether to include this step or not.

· Enjoy the act

Begin the act with oral sex to give your partner some extra pleasure, especially the women don’t get to orgasm easily so a little bit of oral sex can help to enhance her pleasure. Go slow with the act and enjoy each moment, you can try different positions to add some more fun.

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