· What does Aromantic mean?

Aromantic means absolutely no or little interest in romance or romantic attraction. Yes. You heard it right, there are people who have never felt any romantic attraction towards anyone and probably would never experience it in their entire life. However, being aromantic doesn’t mean the person doesn’t experience the feeling of love or any other emotions. It’s just that they have never felt the feeling of romantic love. Therefore, they have no interest or desire to be in romantic relationships.

· Difference between aromantic and asexual

There’s also a term called asexual, which is often confused with aromantic. However, both terms are quite different from each other. Asexual means not experiencing sexual attraction to someone but that doesn’t mean that the person can’t be in love with opposite or same gender or doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship. Asexual people can and want to have a romantic relationship. Whereas, Aromantic people don’t want a Romantic relationship but might love to have sex or have a sexual relationship.

· Signs that tell you whether you are aromantic

– They don’t quite relate to romantic movies or books

– They have might have lot’s of friends from the opposite gender but never had a crush on any of them, still pretend to have one

– Never had butterflies in the stomach

– You still want a relationship but in a non-romantic way like that of friendship

– You struggle to imagine what it feels like to be in love.

– When your friends talk about love and romance, you find it difficult to relate

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