When the teacher enters the class all the students instantly maintain silence. That is being silent. But when a teacher enters the class and the students instead of resorting to quick silence, engage in a healthy dialogue with the teacher and exchange knowledge is called peace. This, of course, is just a theory since the children are too naive to attain peace. But imagine a similar case between two neighboring nations as the entities. Where there is power, war follows and peace is destroyed. Even after the war is over, many have lost their lives and their families grieve in pain forever. There remains a high tension between both nations all the time. Neither of both nations is willing to cooperate and they maintain absolute silence between them. But that is not peace.

Peace is a state of mind free of negative thoughts and emotions. It is a situation free of war and arguments. It is a state of harmony and there is noise but only with positive intent. A village or a nation can be called peaceful if there is no civil unrest or disturbance. Ironically, sometimes the disturbance in peace comes from love. Yes!! Love! Love can be the most positive feeling of the rest. When a person shows compassion and kindness towards everyone, he unconditionally loves his family and friends, such a person can be very sensitive. If he faces a moment of distrust and feels cheated, he questions and feels guilty about being so nice to everyone since all he got in return was a pain. That puts him in a series of ill events that create an unprecedented and non-fixable disturbance in peace around him. Greater love, greater is the suffering.

Silence is temporary. It is a condition where you are required to maintain low volume none at times. A library, classroom, a funeral or an office meeting, all these places require you to be quiet. It is more of a rule than a choice. No emotions are feelings are involved in maintaining silence. Hence silence cannot be compared to peace since they are two highly differentiable moods that vary from situation to situation. Silence is the most chaotic thing usually when a person is dealing with anxiety. An anxious person is never at peace because of how chaotic their minds are. So, peace is a state of a healthy mind. Silence can be maintained by staying quiet and saying nothing or turning down the volume. But peace is difficult to achieve.