· We are not responsible for someone else’s disappointment

We are not responsible for someone else’s disappointment as we are bot responsible for someone else’s happiness. When we say no people are going to be disappointed but you are not responsible for it.When you set boundaries you restrict people and this would hurt them but if you want your peace and your happiness you have to disappoint some people and that’s completely ok.

· Set boundaries and let people know about it

Setting boundaries around your personal space are necessary for you and other people to understand what are the limits. Set boundaries and let people know about it, when people know about their limits, it becomes easier to say no. Saying no lets you have your own space and you are not overwhelmed by something you couldn’t reject.

· Recognise your values

Understand your values, if your values don’t allow you to do certain things you have agood reason to say no. Before you say yes to any work or task make sure that it helps you be in line with your core values. Whatever your values are don’t compromise them for anything.

· Follow your intuition

If ever your intuition doesn’t support to saying yes, you must not. Respect the gut feeling, it is almost always right. So when you have the feeling that something’s fishy just say no. Our intuition is powerful. Follow it.

· Stop making excuses

It’s quite often with people whenever they say no, they are worried about the excuses. Most of us say no for different reasons and make totally different excuses, we also keep on apologizing. In my opinion, no we are not liable to give any excuses, there’s nothing wrong in being honest and telling the actual reasons. If it’s your intuition, your values or your personal space, whatever the reason is you can always say No unapologetically.

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