· Socialize

We as humans need constanthuman interaction, we need strong connections to interact with.socialising is important to not get bored. Make new friends at the workplace. Talk to your colleagues often on work-related as well as not related topics. Eat lunch together with your colleagues. Don’t isolate yourself. If you are new to the place introduce yourself to others, offer help, that’s how you make a place for yourself in a new organisation.

· Change your attitude

Don’t look at your job as something you hate. Change your attitude towards the job, look at the positive side of the job. It can be a good amount of salary you earn, the work culture could be nice etc. Look at the positives and ignore the negative parts. As soon as you change your attitude, you will find your workplace exciting.

· Be appreciative

Every time your colleague or your teammate has done a good job, appreciate them. This will help you. In return even they will start appreciating your work, which builds a healthy environment for work.

· Be expressive

Express yourself and your personality by wearing clothes confidently. Be neat and tidy and carry yourself with elegance. This will help you appear as a confident person.

· Participate in every event

There will be many events held your office. Some related to work and some unrelated to work, take part in as many events as possible. This will make your workplace more exciting.

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