Ending a soul relationship can be really complicated. There are lots of emotions attached to one person and detaching from the person can be tough. But still, if you have made your mind and find it difficult to be in a relationship with your partner you must break up. Because nothing should stop you from being happy, your happiness matters the most. So here are a few tips on how to end a relationship.

· Acknowledge the need for breaking up

The first thing you must try to find out, Should you really end this relationship? Is there any way you can make it work?. Relationships can be really complicated sometimes but you can’t break up for every little thing that doesn’t go according to your wish. So if there is anything you can do to make your relationship work, you must first try it. But if it is broken beyond repair then it’s time to say goodbye.

· Understand that breakups are painful

No matter how happy you are to be leaving your partner. Breaking up with someone whom you spent so much time together can be painful. Not only for you but also for your partner. You must, therefore, be very strong and must be mentally prepared to end the tie.

· Your partner deserves an explanation

Don’t just say goodbye over the call or a message. You must end the relationship face to face. If you are nervous or scared of your partner reaction, let your friend accompany you. Also, you must give an explanation to your partner because he deserves one. You can’t just say break up and get away with it.

· Be honest but not cruel

While you give explanation be honest, state what traits of your partner hurt you, what made you take this decision, everything but don’t be cruel. Even if you are hurt, you should not blame the other person entirely. Also, don’t promote him as a negative person. Once you have broken up, you are done. You should not interfere in his life and talk about his character.

· Set boundaries

Set boundaries on your meetings and other things. If you have common friends or children you’ll have to meet each other again. But you should set boundaries and don’t cross or let the other person cross one.

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