What is humour?

Humour can be determined as a tool that can help you build a new relationship like friendships or resolve old ones. It can be used in conversations and if used correctly it can be of great help in making all of those things happen be it convincing your partner or becoming friends with your crush or just hanging out with your co-worker.

Can humour help with conflicts?

Definitely, humour is the nonviolent tool that can help solve any conflict with your partner. A peal of quick laughter during arguments can help ease the tension between two people. Furthermore, it can even solve the conflict. But it must be realized that humour can go wrong and worsen the situation. While using humour to deal with conflict, make sure you make fun if the situation or anything else but never make fun of the person. Because the person might feel attacked and instead of laughing they might get more pissed off.

How to handle conflicts with humour?

Conflict is an unavoidable part of relationship. But how you manage the conflict can decide the future of your relationship. Humour can be helpful to ease the tension. When used correctly it can turn tension and anger into laughter and intimacy. So count on humour while wanting to ease the conflict. But remember,

· Don’t use humour to cover up other emotions

You can be funny about your emotions but covering your emotion isn’t funny. Often people hide their tears, hurt, sadness behind their laughter. So use humour to solve your conflicts but not to hide your emotions, let them flow in. Because if you suppress them they can create mistrust in your relation.

· Improve your sense of humour

Personal attacks are not funny, don’t be mean-spirited while making jokes. Your jokes should be funny but should not hurt your partner’s sentiments. You can try light-hearted jokes or some inside jokes to make your partner laugh.

· Make sure your partner is ok with your jokes

Before you make jokes make sure that your partner is in this. If your partner or friend isn’t likely to understand the joke or is likely to misunderstand avoid making that joke. To solve the conflict it’s important that both the partner are ok with the joke.

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