Anxious mind is the result of anxiety and overthinking. Being anxious makes it difficult to take decisions. Anxious means constantly worrying about somethings. Nervousness, unease are part of being anxious. However it is requisite to calm your anxious mind and the following techniques would be of great help.

· Meditate for few minutes

Meditation is a useful tool to calm your mind. Meditation also helps in reducing stress. Less stress mean less anxiety. Meditation helps in achieving sense of self awareness which is important for an anxious person to realize what went wrong or what could go wrong.

Whenever you feel nervous and anxious just sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for few minutes.

· Stay in present

Most of the time anxiety comes from thinking about future or past. One must realize future is unpredictable and past is something we can not change. All we have is now and we can work on our present to hope for a better future.

· Think positive

People with anxiety often tend to think about worst scenarios, one must instead hope for the best and train your brain to accept failures, some things go as planned and some don’t but that’s not something to be nervous about. Taking away the fears from you will help calm your anxiety.

· Divert your mind

Just do something that will divert your mind from thousands of thoughts that are running in your head. Look into nature, draw something, talk to someone etc

· Watch something funny

Watching something funny will not only calm your mind but also make you laugh. This technique will keep you away from those thoughts and your mind busy. Laughter has a huge impact on our mental health and definitely on anxiety and this is the easiest way to calm your your favourite comedy show or even cartoons.