In today’s demanding world it’s impossible to not be stressed. You, I, and everyone else is stressed for one reason or another. Common causes of stress can be unhappy with your job, divorce, death of loved ones etc. Stress is directly related to our emotional health. It can be quite baffling to deal with stress while maintaining your emotional health. We suggest you few tips to stay emotionally healthy while dealing with stress.

· Learn to read your emotions

We all have experienced our emotions, they are always with us when we laugh, when we cry or when we are scared. Besides experiencing its also vital to learn to understand your emotions and label them correctly. While doing this you are recognising your emotional needs. Emotions affect decision making. Therefore acknowledging your emotional wants will help you take better decisions.

· Manage your stress

Managing stress is very important to obtain better emotional health. Stress management has many techniques to cope with. Some of being used by health professionals some for self-help. Techniques include prayer and meditation, socializing, humour, exercise etc. Managing your stress can hugely impact on how you express your emotions as well as help you prevent harmful reactions caused by stress.

· Meditate

Meditation and its benefits are all known to us. Meditation has the power to change our lives in a positive way. Meditation brings calmness and inner peace which is important for emotional well being. Now that we have become puppets of the digital world people have forgotten to live in the moment. Constantly thinking about future, competition can get you stressed. Take some time from your busy schedule and meditate in fresh air.

· Learn to say no

Not being able to say no is the problem faced by many of us. If saying yes is going to affect your emotional and mental health you better say no. Sometimes being selfish for your own peace is a good choice. You can’t keep everyone happy and the urge to keep everyone happy can be really emotionally exhaustive.

· Spend time with someone you love

Life without loved ones is meaningless. Family and friends are a huge part of our lives and therefore spending time with them can be a dessert for emotional health. Research shows that spending time with loved ones can boost your emotional health.

· Nurture your self-esteem

No one knows us better than ourself and our opinion is the only one that matters about our self-worth. But many times we tend to criticize our own worth, which affects our self-esteem. Having higher self-esteem ensures better emotional well being. Therefore one must appreciate oneself and give a boost to self-esteem.