At the age of 20, many of us are not clear about career, love life, life goals etc. But people who have already gone through this phase have some golden advices for People in their 20’s or millennials as they are referred to make their life better.

· You don’t have all the time

In our 20s we think we have enough time to figure things out. And many people miss out the opportunities knocking their doors.Enough time is a myth. Though you have it in abundance now, later you might lack it.

· Start saving

Spending more than you earn is a thing in 20s. Which is the worst habit to live with. Saving At least 25% of what you earn is necessary for a better future.

· Don’t risk your reputation

Your reputation is nothing but your goodwill. In 20s we tend to make mistakes and its perfectly fine to make mistakes but none of your mistakes should affect your reputation.

· Be yourself

Looking up to influencers is ok but trying to be like them is not acceptable. Be yourself make your own identity don’t try to be someone else. You can’t act for long time.

· You are what you eat

You are what you eat, Therefore eat healthy. Your food is fuel to your body and fuel decides how long you can go.

· Choose people to be around wisely

People around you shape you and your character . Spend time with people who help you grow and do better.

· Don’t think about people’s opinion

Pursue what you want to and not what others want you to. People will judge anyway so it’s better to do something you love.

· Live your each day

While your young and healthy live your each day to fullest. Don’t waste any minute. Explore life.

· Build contacts

It is very important to build contacts and stay connected with them. Its who you know gets you ahead in business.

Reading books, newspaper, magazine etc. is important to stay updated in life. Reading helps in gaining knowledge and knowledge is power.

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