There is a social stigma around mental illness which is why people hesitate to accept they are not mentally healthy or they have some issues with their mental health. Some of the most common illnesses faced by many adults are depression, anxiety, overeating etc. Depression being the most faced illness by the adults, it can be much severe to take the persons life. Mental Illness must be talked about and people should be educated about it.

Mental illness doesn’t spare anyone, no matter which gender, caste, colour you belong, no matter how rich or poor you are, it can affect you. You must address this problem and don’t be ashamed of being judged. Addressing your issues can help them getting solved.

What are the indications that you are facing mental illness?

· Feeling helpless and hopeless.

· Wanting to avoid contact with people.

· An irregular pattern of eating and sleeping.

· Thoughts of self-harm

· Increase in intake of alcohol or drugs.

This are some of the indications you must recognize and take the necessary actions. Whenever you are facing any of these signs or any other thing that makes you restless, you must reach out to someone, ask for help don’t be ashamed. Asking for help is not wrong and having mental issues is also not wrong.

Why is it important to talk about mental health?

Mental health is related to our physical health. Mental health has a huge impact on maintaining our physical health. Mental health also affects our emotions, thoughts and behaviour. Good mental health is important to be more productive at work and achieve success. It is also important to maintain relationships and stay happy.

Not being able to deal with mental health issues can lead to many heartfelt incidents like suicide. It is very important to raise awareness about mental health and motivate people to address it and ask for support when needed.