None of us are always happy. Life is a package of happy and sad moments. Many of us are finding it difficult to be happy with all the problems and stresses in life. With so many things going on it becomes a task to find happiness. Below are few tips to be happy.

· Identify the change

If you were happy before and unhappy now, there’s something that changed in your life. Identify it and accept it. In life we continuously grow, learn new things, make new mistakes, change is a part of life. Some changes are willing and some are forced upon us but it’s important for us whatever it is we must adapt and accept the change.

· Avoid things that make you unhappy

Some people, some habits, some conversations make you unhappy. It’s better you choose to stay away from such things. Avoiding some people or topics will take away the unhappiness and plant positivity.

· Stay optimistic

Be an optimist, take things positively and don’t over think. Over thinking is the main reason why many of us are unhappy.

· Love yourself

Loving yourself means taking care of yourself, doing what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. You should be the only person that matters the most. Work on yourself , make yourself a better version.

· Talk with a friend

If you still feel unhappy, share your feelings with your best friend. Talking to your friend will help you a lot. Talking about your happy moments together can help make you happy.