· Communication issues

Communication is like a foundation of all relationships. No relationship can last without communication. And if the relationship is based on love and marriage then there should be lots of talks between the couple but if you are facing communication issues with your partner for quite some time now then it’s crucial to see a couple-therapist. They will guide you well and help you deal with the issue in an appropriate manner.

· Jealousy

A certain amount of jealousy is cute and widely accepted but if your partner is over-possessive and jealous then you need to see a therapist. Especially your partner because staying with an over-possessive partner can be frustrating and can also make you feel choked. In every relationship, trust is important as it helps you give each other space. The therapist will help you learn the importance of trust in a relationship.

· Infidelity

Infidelity can break your relationship forever but if you want to save your relationship and give your partner another chance, it is important that you start trusting your partner and your partner gives up on the affair. To deal with infidelity on your own can cause many misunderstandings and arguments, so it’s recommended that you see a therapist, to help you deal with it.

· Parenting

For some parenting can be quite a tough phase. With jobs and children, it becomes difficult to manage both and keep the romance between couples intact. There are also other parenting issues like how many kids to have to how to teach good values to kids, parenting issues can be never-ending. So seeing a therapist is an ideal way to overcome all these issues.

· End relationship

Before ending a marriage, the court makes it compulsory to visit a therapist just to assure that you really can’t stay together. Similarly, if you want to end your relationship as couples, you must first see the therapist. There are can be misunderstandings, certain things unsaid which can only be found out at a therapist.

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