Never fall in love to make yourself happy, Fall in love to make the person you love happy.

Being in a relationship is such a beautiful feeling. The feeling of being loved, cared and valued is very important for every human. Every relationship is unique and meaningful. A person in a serious relationship tends to act more mature than a single or a non committed person. However, it’s natural and happens in every relationship that the couples take each other for granted. We often fail to be a good partner which might hurt the other one. But if you are in a serious relationship or wanting to be in a serious relationship here are few tips to follow to be an amazing partner.

· Be honest

Honesty is a must in a relationship. If you are in a committed relationship it means you trust each other it’s necessary to maintain the trust between the both of you. Lying would only spoil what you two have. So even if you have mistaken just be honest.

· Apologize when needed

A simple sorry can save a relationship. Being apologetic when you are mistaken is important for your relationship to maintain love. If your behaviour has hurt your partner in some way, realise and sincerely apologize for you words or actions. This will help you gain the trust.

· Spend quality time

Spending time together is must to increase bond and intimacy between the two of you. Going for dinner, movies or just staying at home and cuddling are the ideal ways to spend time together.

· Make them feel special

Nothing like making your partner feel special. Your partner should feel loved and wanted. We like it when someone makes us feel valued and knowing that you make a difference in someone’s life is a beautiful feeling to live with.

· Respect your partner and their choices

You must learn to respect your partner, showing respect to your partner while you have a conversation. Respecting their choices is important in a relationship.

· Appreciate your partner

Appreciate all the efforts your partner makes to make you happy. This helps strengthen your relationship. Complimenting your partner when they look good or do something worth appreciating makes them happy and satisfied.