What are the signs of cheating?

· They are hiding their phone from you and not letting you touch their phone or having pins and password to every app.

· There are times when you can’t reach them and this happens frequently.

· The intimacy is reduced suddenly.

· Your partner is over sweet and caring towards you

· They give you more details about their whereabouts. Liars tend to explain more.

How to handle it?

If you see these signs, don’t directly assume they are cheating unless they accept it. So how to handle your partner’s cheating?

· Confront your spouse

Don’t really assume things unless your partner accepts it. When you have a doubt, confront your partner. Tell your spouse why do you think so. Before confronting it will be better if you find some proof so that your partner doesn’t shove the topic. Once your partner accepts that he is cheating, take other steps.

· Avoid the blame game

Don’t play the blame game, don’t blame yourself if your partner or the third person for the situation. Blaming someone is not going to change anything. Instead, focus on resolving the issue.

· Seek counselling

Seek counselling from a marriage counsellor. Before you decide whether or not to end your marriage take help from a counsellor, See how they can help to save your marriage. An experienced therapist can help you two communicate with each other and give explanations and try to understand better.

· Get practical

Be practical with your decisions, if you can’t stay in the same house with your partner, move out. If you have kids and you don’t want to break your marriage as it will affect them, try to rebuild your relationship. Be practical and not emotional while taking this decision. Don’t spoil your life by staying with your partner if he is not willing to change but at least give one chance to rebuild your relationship.