Though most of the couple bloggers are also travel bloggers, all of them have something new to share. Here are some of them talking about travel, love, romance and lifestyle. You are surely going to love their feed.

1. Bruisedpassports handled by Vid & Savi

2. Newdarlings handled by Robert & Christina

3. Roamaroo handled by Scott & Collette

4. The.Vogue.Vanity handled by Daizy & Ankit

5. Thebagtagstories handled by Divya & Mudit

6. Thatordinarycouple handled by Saan & Abhi

7. Gettingstamped handled by Adam & Hannah

8. Two_drifterz_ handled by Ankita & Raj

9. Flyingthenest handled by Jessica & Stephen

10. Mrandmrsromance handled by Jim & Christina

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