Lockdown has hit differently to different people. We are missing out many things one of which is spending time with our partner. Couples who are in a long distance relationship are facing difficulty during lockdown and it’s obvious to not know how to keep your love life alive while staying away from each other. Few tips from our side to help you spice up your love life.

· Plan a date

Go on a virtual date with your partner. Dress up and look good, you can order same food or prepare food, grab some wine and video call your partner. Spend your time chatting and munching your favourite food. If you stay together you can plan an actual date around the cosy corner of your house and spend some quality time together.

· Surprise your partner

Surprise your partner by sending food he/she loves or a small letter saying how much you miss being together. You have lots of time to make it worth.

· Spend more time with each other

You always wanted to be together for a little longer. Now that you have ample of time with you make sure to spend most of it together, knowing and understanding each other better.

· Give them space

Even if you would love to spend more and more time together, don’t forget to have some me time and let your partner have theirs. It is necessary to take care and give time to self. Utilise your me time in improving yourself and becoming a person anyone would fall in love with.

· Appreciate your partner

Appreciate your partner for every little thing he/she does for you, it need not always be verbal appreciation. Sometimes by giving a small kiss or a head massage might work. This will make your partner happy and assured that you acknowledge the effort and love behind it.

· Communication is important

Doesn’t matter if you stay together or away from each other , you must learn to communicate with each other. Communication can solve all the major problems in relationship. Try to listen and understand your partner. Put an extra effort to have an interesting conversation.