Importance of job satisfaction to employees

· Increased productivity

When you are satisfied with your job, you eventually start working harder and putting efforts. A job that takes care of your needs as an employee. You are motivated to return something to the organisation. There is a better chance of you bringing better ideas and innovative thoughts to the company.

· Positive work environment

Job satisfaction is important for a positive work environment. When every employee is satisfied with the job, there is a positive work environment where everyone works with a team spirit and always supports each other. When you hate your job you are more likely to hate the working space too, which restricts you from connecting to your colleagues.

· Career growth

Job satisfaction ensures career growth. As you work harder and efficiently at a place where you are valued and respected you will surely find growth in your career. Your hard work will be rewarded in such an organisation.

Why does it matter to the employer?

· Retaining the employees

Employee satisfaction is important for the employer to retain their quality employees. As much as an employee needs a job, an employer needs quality employees to progress and make profits. In today’s industry, employees are considered the main resources for a company and if the company is service-oriented, employees are most valued. Many companies take care of employees’ satisfaction just to retain them, they are provided with deserving salary, proper work environment etc.

· Positive word of mouth

As it’s important for a company to advertise their products, it’s also important for a company to promote its internal conditions. Like the work environment to attract more quality employees. When they provide job satisfaction to the employees, the employees spread a positive word about the company, which is beneficial for the company.

· Growth of the firm

As job satisfaction improves the productivity and efficiency of the employees, it helps in the growth of the firm. It ensures profits to the firm if the employees put the effort into their job.

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