· Are you inspired?

Inspiration is vital for any person to excel in what he/she does. It’s important that the mission or the vision of your company inspires you to work harder. Ask yourself a question, does your job inspires you to work harder? If yes, then you are on the right path. If no, then probably you must rethink.

· Are you useful?

Are the things you are good at being used by the company? Are you able to showcase your real talent? Am I being useful to grow the company? The positive answers to these questions are very important. To help you know that you are in the right place and your skills are being used properly.

· Am I respected?

Are you respected at your workplace? By your boss or your colleagues and the answer should be yes. Because there’s no point in working at a place where you and your work is not respected. Every person has some skills and some talent, no one is good for nothing, make sure that your colleagues and boss respect and value your skills.

· Am I growing?

Every human needs to grow in personal and professional life. If your company is not giving you opportunities to grow then you should probably find a new job.

· Am I happy?

The most important factor is to be happy and satisfied with the work you do. The feeling of fulfilment will never come unless you are happy. Doesn’t matter if you are respected, growing and useful but if you are not happy there is no point in working there.

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