Every company has some policies and rules written in their handbook, then there are unwritten rules that every company follows. Here are some of the unwritten rules.

· Don’t isolate yourself

When you join a company, it’s expected from you to talk with everyone and get involved in office activities. Even if you are an introvert, you must try to talk to your colleagues and don’t isolate yourself.

· Always share the credit

Even if you feel your team member hasn’t worked as hard as you did, you still must share the credit of your project with your team members. Doing that makes you a good leader and let your team members think positive about you. So be gracious and share the credit.

· Keep the decibels down

While you are working on your desk it’s likely for you to music to music with headphones on, but while doing so you must not whistle, sing along or hmmm the song. Also in general, in the office, you must keep your voice low, don’t shout or talk and laugh loudly you are disturbing your colleagues.

· Indulging in office gossips (a strict no)

Never indulge in office gossip or start it. You might have to face severe repercussions if someone complaints about it. The office is not a place to talk about personal stuff. In the office you must behave like a professional and focus on only work.

· Practice company culture and not company policy

Sometimes company policies and company culture are not on the same page. The policy might provide certain facilities but according to the culture of the company, no one is allowed to avail it. So better to follow culture than policy.

· Titles don’t necessarily indicate power

You must understand the fact, that your title doesn’t indicate power. You might achieve a specific title but the power that comes along with the title might not be given to you. There is never a single person to make the decision many people come together to make decisions and of course, there is a lot of politics.

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