Dark mode is almost on every smartphone these days, it’s purpose is to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by your screen. But your phone’s night mode might be doing more harm than the good.

What is the dark mode?

The dark mode is a colour scheme of any interface that displays brighter texts on a darker background. The dark mode is stylish and is trending in every application and Android system. Dark mode is nothing but a way of Marketing. Certain apps like Netflix are particularly made in the dark mode because a dark background attracts more attention towards a colourful and vibrant picture.

How does dark mode affect?

· For many dark modes can be blurry because our pupils open more to capture necessary information which results in reduced sharpness.

· Dark mode can reduce strain in low light conditions, but not in bright light.

· White letters on a black background can be difficult to read and cause more strain to your eyes

· According to research done on mice, sleep pattern was affected by dark mode more than the light mode.

Light mode or dark mode

For someone who suffers from cloudy vision light mode it beneficial to use light mode or positive polarity. Also people with normal vision, light mode results in better performance most of the time. With positive contrast polarity, there is more overall light and so the pupil contracts more. As a result, there are fewer spherical aberrations, greater depth of field, and overall better ability to focus on details without tiring the eyes.

However, applications meant for long-form reading (such as book readers, magazines, and even news sites) should offer a dark-mode feature because bright light can cause strain on eyes if it’s used for a long time.

The conclusion part is using bright warmer lights in the day and cooler lights in the evening can be beneficial to smartphone users.

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