· Reliable

Reliability is an important quality required in a teammate. Every employer screens for this quality. Even if they have an excellent skill set but they can’t keep their promises and can’t complete work on time, there’s no use of it.

· Helpful

To be a great team member, you must first have team spirit in you. You should be helpful towards other team members. A great teammate is not egoistic, even if he is at a higher position he cares more about the company’s objective and works hard towards it, even if it requires to help someone he is ready to do it.

· Respectful

As a team member, you should be respectful towards other members of the team. Even if you are at a higher position, you must talk politely and with respect towards your subordinates.

· Multi-tasker

It’s important to be able to multitask if you want to survive in an organization. Employees have to focus on more than one project. So at the same time, you might be working with two teams. Neither of the two teams should feel you are less involved in the project, so multitasking is very important.

· Honest

Every organisation wishes to have an honest employee. Being honest is quite simple and is equally important. Theteam member should be honest about his achievements and shortcomings. So that it becomes easier for the team leader to a lot appropriate task.Everyone makes mistakes but being honest and accepting it is what makes a good team member.

· Empathic

‘Treat people how you want to be treated’, you must be aware of other people’s feeling. Being empathic makes us understand other team members sorrows and problems. You must be able to step in their shoes and understand their issues. This will make you a great person to work with.

· good communicator

Communication is very important in any field. It is impossible to work together as a team if there is no proper communication among the team. As a team member, you must be able to communicate every detail you know about the project to other team members. You must also listen to other team members to help you improvise your work.

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