You won’t understand the true meaning of this quote unless you are caught in a tough situation. You have to work harder and keep moving forward when you feel to stop the most. Every small move matters and is the way out of the tough situation. If you stop moving you are stuck. When you are in the middle of the forest instead of returning back move forward, both have the same distance but one will lead you to the destination and other will bring back to the same point with the same amount of hard work.

No path to success is always bed or roses, there are always going to be tough times and you must learn to overcome them. But to overcome any tough situation you must keep going and not give up. Below are some tips to keep going in a tough situation.

· Remember why you started

When you find it difficult to move ahead and you desperately want to stop, remember why you started the journey. You’ll realise the importance of achieving your goal and it will instantly motivate you to keep going. Having a reason to move forward will actually help you move.

· Find mentors

Most successful people have had their own tough times. They have gone through the same phase or even a difficult phase then yours. Consider them as your mentors and their journey as your motivation. Learn from their journey, if they found the way out, you will too.

· Take smaller steps

When it gets tough to move, take smaller steps, small progress is always better than no progress at all. It will keep you moving, even if it is slow, you are moving towards success is what matters.

· Realize how far you’ve come

Realize how far you’ve come, giving up at this point will be a waste of all the hard work and time you spent. If you can come this far you can definitely reach your goal, you just need to keep going by not giving up.

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