1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

If you feel it’s a simple question and all you have to talk about is you, then you are wrong. It’s a tricky question where most of the interviewees fail. Of course, they don’t want to know about your hobbies and education, they can read it on your resume. Then what exactly do they want to know? When they ask you to tell them about you, they want to know what you can do for their company, what are your capabilities and not your name.

2. What is your greatest weakness?

When the interviewer asks you to tell your mistakes, they don’t want to know what mistakes you have done in life but they want to know how aware you are about your mistakes. If you think they want to make you admit your flaws and mistakes, it’s not true, they want to learn how you dealt with your mistakes.

So, talk about your mistakes when you were trying something new and after you have stated your mistake tell them what you learn from it. Avoid talking about mistakes where you were careless.

3. Why do you want to work for this company?

This is a trick question, it seems they want to know your requirements as in what you expect from this company. But it’s not how it seems to be. When they ask you this question it should be everything about their company and not yourself. Before going for an interview you must do good research on that company, learn about their products, work environment, etc.

4. What if questions…

There will be at least one hypothetical questions, in your interview. What if questions are tricky because there is no specific answer for them. It depends on every person’s knowledge and experience. So while answering this question always ask for a minute to think about it and then answer.

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