Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social media app, also known as Insta or IG. It is owned by Facebook and created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app allows user to upload their pictures, videos, and other media and can be edited using various filters and other available features. Posts can be shared publicly and you can have followers and you can follow many accounts that are famous and have great content of their media and feeds.

You can use hashtags and geographical tagging to make it more publicly famous and can trend in the world of Instagram. Instagram is no doubt the largest growing powerful social media platform around the world. It is really common among teenagers. Various content creators have formed the base of their work and try to present it in their feed. They earn money by the sponsorships they get by various companies referring to their content and also by the number of followers they have.

Instagram is surely an important social media platform to start businesses and to gain attention to your ongoing business. There are various business opportunities related to Instagram, business profiles are a free feature for accounts wanting to start a business. They can post their work on the feed and find customers, get in touch with them through direct messages or call or email which is connected to the business account. We can even give the address to the shop whose business is being up to on that particular account. There is no such costing involved to start a business through Instagram, the business feature is free of cost. There are various types of business you can start, you can either promote your on-going business, or you can actually start a new one right from Instagram itself, it can be called online business.

Here are a few beginner-friendly guidelines to start a business over Instagram and gain attention towards your business.

  • Create a separate account for your business¬†

Create a new account for your business add required details like a bio which describes what kind of business you are starting with, email address, phone number, and other contacting details. Try to tell your friends to promote your new account with the help of stories and gain followers.

  • Create a great feed

Put up your best work as possible, be creative with the photos and videos, and try to show your best work or best item of your business. Try to use filters and other editing apps to create your best impact on the followers so that they attract towards buying those things from your account.

  • Set goals for future

Set goals for the future, know where you are heading with your business, know your strategy, and go with it. You can try to come up with some giveaways to grab the attention of the followers towards your feed and later on make your business wider.

  • Commit on posting regularly

One thing for Instagram is, it’s a source of entertainment, people need new content every day. So don’t forget to post regularly, try experimenting new things, and put it up in your feed. This can be very beneficial for your business.

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