Devouring means eating your food hungrily and hurriedly. We become what we eat and therefore it is important to choose your food correctly. Eating healthy is vital but eating in a healthy way is also essential. Devouring food mean you almost swallow your food without chewing it, this affects your health negatively. Excessive eating may promote many harmful effects.

1. Surplus body fat

When you overeat more energy is produced than required by your body. It is therefore stored in the form of fats in your body. Excess body fat leads to weight gain

2. May cause diseases

Eating more than required and hurriedly can cause severe diseases in the long term. It may affect your digestive system and also due to fat produce can increase cholesterol and sugar in your bloodstream.

3. Obesity

Repetitively eating more food and improper digestion can make you obese. Obesity comes with many health problems.

How to stop devouring and start enjoying food?

It is not easy if you have already trained your mind to eat more but it is also not impossible. Many state eating more is a mental illness. This can be explained because as you eat more it is mainly because of your stress, anger, and many such emotions. You don’t overeat because your body needs it but because your mind needs it. And to take control of your mind is the only solution to stop overeating. Slowly and gradually you can start controlling your cravings. While you are trying to avoid the food you must also include exercise as a part of your routine.

Once you have controlled your cravings now you must understand the importance of eating slowly and enjoying the food. Concentrate on every bite you take. This will help you slow down.

Benefits of slow and conscious eating.

1. Weight loss

2. Control over your emotions

3. Glowing skin and fit body

4. Prevent illness.