· Search for job.

Search for a job that matches your education and skill set. It must also match your expectations about compensation and job profile.

· Learn about the company

Before you apply for a job, do a little research on the company. Find out what business is the company involved in, find out their turnover, learn about their working environment and culture.

· Draft a resume

A resume is very important while applying for a job. Make sure to add all your skills and highlight the skills that would matter to this particular company. Also, don’t make the mistake of sending the same resume to different companies, every company has different requirements and your resume should reflect the skills according to their requirement.

· Write a cover letter

Not all companies expect a cover letter but it sends a good impression about you if you write a cover letter.

· Ask your previous employer to be a reference

Having references from your ex-employer or other people who are in the same field can put a huge impact on your resume and it becomes much easier to get a job.

· Create or update your LinkedIn profile

If you don’t already have a profile on LinkedIn create one. In today’s online world it is necessary to create a profile on such a platform.

· Submit an online application

After all these steps submit your application online either on the company’s email or to the HR if you know their email.

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