Arm fat is one of the most stubborn fat to lose. Most of the women face this issue of having arm fat and they hesitate to wear clothes like spaghetti tops or sleeveless tops. No matter how much you have controlled your diet, losing that stubborn fat has always been a task. Arm fat is caused by the onset of aging,as you grow older, your metabolism starts to decrease and hence you tend to accumulate the excess fat in your arms. Researchers also say a low level of testosterone can also be the reason for such arm fat. So the question arises as to how to lose those flabby arms? For such stubborn fat, exercise is the key solution. With some sort of exercise routine and a healthy balanced diet, you can surely get rid of that ugly fat. Focusing on losing overall fat of the body. There are various exercises you can do to reduce this arm fat.

 Few exercises are as follows.

  • Arm circles

This is a simple low impact exercise, it’s good for toning and shaping those flabby arms. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms sideways up to shoulder level and rotate it in circular motions. Try to do as many counts as possible then switch into up and down motion. Doing this exercise daily can surely make a difference in your arms.

  • Chair dips

This is an effective exercise, for toning your arms and your back muscles as well. All you need for this exercise is a chair. Move a few steps ahead of the chair, keeping your upper body straight. Bend your knees up to chair level holding your chair and now move your body down until it touches the floor, and come back to the position, do 3 sets of 20 reps and you are good to go.

  • Push-ups

You can do the traditional push-ups if you know how to do them or you can try doing inclined pushups, where you need furniture of chest height place your hands, and perform the traditional pushup. This exercise really helps to strengthen those arm muscles, tone them, and get rid of the excess fat

  • Bicep curls

For this exercise you require weights. This exercise also helps in reducing the fat in the arm and back area. Stand firmly on the ground and hold weights in both hands up to the hip area, now curl them together to the chest level and back, this is one rep, do 3 sets of 20 reps.

  • Scissors

Scissors are low impact exercises good for Toning the arms and chest fat. Extend your hands and rotate them from left to right in motion. You need to make sure you need to cross them over from side to side. You can do 20-50 reps regularly

  • Side plank raise

Plank is a great exercise for core muscles. Side planks are again good for both core and arm muscles. For this exercise, place your elbow on the floor and lift your body up keeping the support of elbow and legs. Hold the position well for 1 min on each side.

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