Social media is playing important role in human life. Without social media present generation can’t tackle a single minute. No doubt social media has given and has been giving lots of things like information, entertainment, knowledge, exploring talent, and a way for earning. It is a debatable topic whether a day off from social media will give you peace. It’s a good way to connect people from all over the world but it has its own consequences on our life as well. Social media has become one of the biggest lies in the world. Everybody tries to show or to portray their perfect life on their profile. It really does a lot of harm to your daily schedule and hampers your productivity very rapidly.

 If you look at the day tight schedule totally, we can find that we are using social media unnecessarily. Lots of communication modes like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or others. We are surely using it unnecessarily. We go through video which may be fake or fake knowledge or fake news. Social media providing good alongside very bad things also like pornography, or bad games, etc. can lead to a lack of sleep and peace. One day off from social media will surely give us time to introspect how much unproductive time we were spending.

Keeping yourself away from social media for a day you can think of creative ideas. You can spend your time with your loved ones. Also, you can have sound sleep. Your mind remains unoccupied which will help you to think about a few things to do. Overall it will help you to find peace if you are away from social media for a day. A day off might benefit you in thinking more of your life and try to be productive with it. Social media surely takes up most part of your day. A day off might ensure you a whole day to yourself. You would experience peace and you’ll give some relaxation to those eyes. Try doing things for yourself, be creative with yourself.

Hence, a day without social media should be tried out as it surely will bring you peace and would give you the opportunity to look after yourself and focus on your life.

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