· Video game player

Description: To play video games for a living as if we are having our leisure time 24/7.

How well does it pay? $50,000 a year, dependent on the demand


– Be really good at the game.

– Have a huge love for video games.

· Food critic

Description: Totally free-of-charge dining experience. Never need to worry about where to eat and the budget now.

How well does it pay? $47,000 a year

Requirement: Outstanding culinary knowledge and sensitivity to taste and aroma. Should be familiar with the restaurant’s workflow.

· Fashion consultant

Description: To advise clients about selecting flattering clothing, and they help clients choose outfits for events such as business conferences, holidays or travel.

How well does it pay? : $27,000 a year

Requirement: Good knowledge in latest fashion and clothing hacks and also about designers.

· Fortune cookie writer

Description: Spread your wit and wisdom by writing some one-liners that can not only appeal to but also teach others.

How well does it pay?: $70,000 a year

Requirement: A tremendous amount of ideas. You have to be really prolific to make sure the 3 billion fortune cookies produced each year has a message inside.

· Sommelier

Description: Drink wine and recommend them for a living, travel around the world to refer to new wine.

How well does it pay?: $40,000 to $150,000

Requirement: Extensive knowledge of wine and highly sensitive to taste and smell.

· Video game designer

Description: Create your own video game with your creativity

How well does it pay?: $80,000

Requirement: Minimum a higher diploma in video game design or computer science. Preferably a bachelor degree.

· Food stylist

Description: Turn edible things into a piece of art, preparing and styling them for photo-shooting of magazines and cookery books.

How well does it pay?: $77,000

Requirement: A great sense of design and art and knowledge about food designing.

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