Lots of people think just saying “I love you” is all that a relationship needs. The relationship is far beyond the term. There are many things involved when it comes to a serious relationship. You expect many things from your partner and your partner expects many things from you, maintaining the balance between expectations and reality is necessary. A healthy and happy relationship is not just because if love the couple share but also depends on how much effort they take to make each other happy and satisfied.

Most of the time women forget their individuality when they enter into a relationship that’s because of how they brought up. However, here are some pieces of empowering advice for women in a relationship.

1. Have some independence and an identity of your own. Because if you don’t, things will get boring and routine in the relationship.

2. Love yourself first the way you want to be loved by your partner. Respect yourself, take care of yourself and see you’ll find the right partner who loves you the way you want to.

3. Don’t be needy. Needy behaviour is suffocating for people, especially men. Stop letting them 24/7, stop wanting to be together all the time. If you think this behaviour will help you hold on to him you are wrong it actually has the opposite effect – it pushes him away.

4. Avoid ignoring the problems in your relationship. Women often tend to overlook the problems and move ahead but remember unless you deal with the problem it exists and even after years, it will pop up someday and maybe you won’t be able to deal with it that day.

5. Never settle down for disrespect from your partner. You deserve respect as much your partner deserves. Whether you are working or not, whether you are fertile or not you deserve respect because you are human and don’t settle for disrespect.

6. If you want your relationship to last, both of you must be able to speak your heart out. Whatever you feel you must be able to talk with your partner. If you can’t say what you want to speak there’s no point staying in such a relationship.

7. If you’re just physically connected, but you don’t connect emotionally or mentally, then you won’t make it for the long trip or maybe you connect mentally, but your intimacy is just ‘ugh’ then the relationship may be doomed.

8. The efforts you put in the relationship, your partner should put equal efforts too. There should always be 50-50 when it comes to efforts.

9. Listen effectively to your partner. Everyone wants to be heard and your partner needs that too. Just because men are not much expressive doesn’t mean they don’t feel sad or happy or other emotions. Always be a good listener and try to empathise with them.

10. Don’t try to change your partner. Be yourself and let your partner be themselves. If you can’t adjust and feel he is not the right person for you, don’t settle move on. If you truly love the person accept him with all his flaws.

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