· Starting your own business

You can start your business without a degree too. You just need to have the quality of an entrepreneur like you should be good at sales, leadership and hard work. You can start small and then build a big enterprise, all you have to do is invest money in an idea of business. Your idea should be realistic and profitable. If you don’t want to go to college and you are not best at any if your talent, try this career option… but be ready for the risks!!

· Artists and related work

If you have any talent like singing, acting, bodybuilding, make-up etc. you can choose related work as your career option. Like you can be a professional singer, professional actor. You can also open your own salon if you are interested in make-up, you can own a gym if you are a bodybuilder, you can do modelling and many more. There are many professions that don’t require a degree. All you need is talent and be really good at it. Also, the artists require assistance and other support which is also a career option where you don’t require a degree.

· Game streaming and YouTube

Nowadays, many people are into gaming. If you like playing video games then why not make it your career. Video game streamers earn a good amount of money by just playing games and streaming them online. Cool right!! You must give it a try. Also, YouTube is emerging as a good career option but to earn money through YouTube is not as simple as posting videos. Your video must contain good content which will attract people. The more views and subscriptions you gain, the more money you earn and guess what? You don’t require a degree for these career options.

· Programming

We all are using the internet and we all know the importance of a good website, but who create these websites? Programmers! Programming is such field where you surely need knowledge but don’t really need a degree. Nowadays even big companies like google are hiring people without a degree but you must have some solid knowledge about computers and programming language.

· Helpers

Helpers like those who clean for us, it can be our surroundings or our home. Helpers who cook for us. So helpers are basically someone who help us do our own job. It is a great career option which doesn’t require a degree you must know how to cook or clean which is very basic. But many people think these jobs as inferior, which is disappointing. Because we must have the dignity of labour as one of our main qualities.

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