We all have learned the saying “ knowledge is the key to success.” And reading is the best way to gain knowledge. Leaders always strive for success and a good leader always knows reading books is going to benefit him and lead him to success. In today’s world reading is very important to stay updated about economical, political, social and environmental facts.

How does reading benefit a leader?

· Reading provides knowledge

Not just reading books but reading newspapers, magazine or even articles on the web. No matter how small or big the content is it gives you some sense of knowledge. Knowledge makes you intellectual and interactive.

· Makes you interactive

Many of us who claim to be introvert and cannot interact, one reason for not being able to interact is lack of knowledge or not knowing how to express. Reading not only provides you with information but also teaches you how to express, you learn new words and sentences, when you read that helps you express yourself more accurately.

· Makes you think

Reading makes you think and builds the ability to judge. To be an effective leader one must think about the situation or information and judge it. Reading a novel lets you take the liberty of linking one thing to another this helps your judgement of connecting facts and patterns.

· Increases your experience

It’s impossible for us to experience everything in life and then learn. Sometimes life gives you only one chance. Reading helps you get lessons from someone else’s experience. Which multiplies your experience. When we read stories of great leaders, it inspires us and we understand what mistakes shouldn’t be done while leading, How the leaders should be etc.

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