· Don’t save a personal file

Saving a personal file on a work computer is not ideal. You might feel to save some of your personal stuff on your work computer but remember one thing that everything on your work computer is owned by your company and they can use it however they want. If you have any business plans or any other important things from your life other than work, don’t save it on the work laptop. So if you ever come across ideas while working wrote it down on your book and avoid going digital about it.

· Avoid inappropriate searches

Don’t search for anything you can’t show your boss, which includes inappropriate sites, gaming, cricket score or online movies or personal social media. Certain sites can’t be visited through office computer and you must respect it. Using your personal social media account can also be risky as your data can be saved in your office computer. So, avoid doing it.

· Don’t chat about work in computer

It’s obvious that you might have certain office groups on google hangouts or other similar apps to discuss and share content. However, using this platform from your work computer to gossip about your boss and colleagues or talking about anything but work can be harmful to your job. So avoid doing it. Don’t indulge in office gossips overwork laptop.

· Don’t search for jobs online

The biggest mistake employees do is to search for other jobs online on the current office computer. Your searches are tracked and thus you can find yourself in trouble if you are caught searching for another job. If you are looking for another job use your personal gadgets and not the office’s otherwise you’ll be left with no job.

· Don’t access free public Wi-Fi

When dealing with sensitive information or even if you are not there’s always something sensitive your laptop would contain. So avoid using public Wi-Fi as it can be misused to hack your work computer and steal or delete the entire data.

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