· Make a deal with yourself

If you are already motivated to do a certain thing but to keep it going make a deal with yourself. When you achieve something gift yourself. Like when you finish a chapter or a report gift yourself with your favourite food or drink.

· Ask uplifting questions to yourself

Keep asking yourself uplifting questions that can empower you. For example, ask yourself

– What do I want to achieve in life?

– Am I happy right now?

– What makes me happy?

· Set a goal

Setting a goal makes it easier to stay motivated. When you know what you are working for it helps your work harder and sincerely. Setting a goal assists you in knowing your path. When you know your goal and the path towards it, what’s going to stop you? Nothing.

· Read motivational books

To keep yourself motivated, you must read motivational books. Daily reading will give your little dose of motivation and helps you uplift yourself. Reading also increases your knowledge and confidence, which can be useful to achieve many things. So it’s very important to read.

· Get out of your comfort zone

When you are in your comfort zone, no matter how much motivation you receive, you won’t be able to take action. So getting out of your comfort zone is most important to make use of the motivation.

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