· Recognise your differences

Sometimes you can’t get along because you have completely different personalities, sometimes it’s because of something wrong that person did to you…. There can be any reason for not liking a particular person. But if you have to work with them, you must deal with the differences. Recognise your differences and understand that everyone has a different personality and no one will change it to be liked by a particular person. If you have to collaborate with a certain person, try to understand that person and change your attitude towards him/her instead of expecting them to change their behaviour.

· Delegate your work

If you feel you can’t stand with the behaviour of that person, you can delegate your work to someone else, maybe your subordinates. Delegating your work can be possible only if the collaboration doesn’t require you to be present. If your presence is important then you cannot delegate your work.

· Be the problem solver

Be the adult in the room. Instead, of stretching the bitterness, try to solve it. Recognise the issue between you two and try to find the solution to it. Have a conversation with the person and lead it to problem-solving. Forget about the past and begin again with the collaboration. This is probably the best way to deal with someone you don’t like.

· Understand another person’s perspective

If you don’t like someone’s behaviour, you must try to understand why the person is behaving a certain way. There’s always a reason behind every action, try to understand it. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and then you might find the solution. Every individual has some personal problems in their life and their behaviour might be the result of such problems.

· Minimize contact

Minimize your contact, if you can’t deal with someone for a long time, stay away. Contact that person only when it is important and related to work. Otherwise, stay away from that person.

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