· Make the most use of social media

Social media not only helps you to reach a huge crowd but also helps in saving time. Nowadays online business is a great way to grow and flourish your business. There are many benefits of using the internet and social media for the promotion of business, one of them is it time-saving and also helps you handle most of your business on fingertips.

· Keep your files organised

Though you have an online business, you surely need to have an office from where you and your employees can operate. Even if you have a small office at your home. You will have different files from different clients. You need to properly arrange those files so that they are easily accessible whenever you need without having to waste much time. Keep everything at its place and well organized, this will save so much of your time.

· Maintain proper schedule

Scheduling is very important for businesswoman because you have to attend many meetings besides there will be office related work and you have to manage it well without having to miss on anything and also have time for yourself. Schedules help in allowing time, filtering tasks and prioritizing them. This will definitely save more time of yours. Maintain a diary where you write down your entire schedule for the day or week.

· Learn to delegate the right job to right people

To be a good businesswoman you must be a good leader. You should know what work should be delegated and what work should be done by yourself. You should also choose the right person to do the right job. Only then you can make efficient use of your human resource.

· Stop procrastinating

To be a successful businessperson and to spare time for your personal life, you must stop procrastination. Complete today’s work today , don’t push it on tomorrow. Even if you have to work an extra hour today it’s better than spending the weekend in completing the same task.

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