· Working out with a partner will help you stay motivated when you see your partner working out you too will try to follow him/her.

· It’s easier to cancel plans on yourself but when you have a friend or partner do answer to cancelling plans become difficult

· You’ll push each other to work better and harder. You can set the same goals or strive to reach a certain level at the same time, so it’s more likely you’ll stick to your routine.

· You’ll always have a helper and a guide along with you. You don’t have to keep on going to multiple people to find help while working out.

· You’ll be more mindful about how and when you do your workoutbecause someone is counting on you. You’ll be more conscious while eating and choose healthy eating habits to be a good influence.


· If you train with people who are better than you, they will motivate you. But if they are weaker than you, they will slow you down.

· What if the partner you choose is himself not motivated and comes there to rest or just have fun. If the partner you choose doesn’t let you work out by their nonstop talks, it will become difficult to concentrate. Peace while working out is important.

· Therewill times when you would not be able to go to the gym for some reasons and there would be times when your partner won’t be able to come. In such, case even you might end up being lazy and not attending your workout session.

· Sometimes when you have a partner, you become more dependent on them. You decide to do what they do and forget that you both have different body structure and need a different kind of work out.

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