Time management is an important soft skill every company searches while choosing their employees. Everyone who is extremely busy always has this thought ‘if only I had 25 hours in a day’ but you can’t. When it comes to the completion of work within deadlines everyone desires for the same. But all we have are 24 hours and we need to manage our schedule so as to complete all our jobs in those 24 hours, which requires a great skill of time management. Here are some techniques you can apply in your day to day life.

· Ask for necessary tools

It is very essential to have the necessary tools to complete your work effectively and efficiently. Proper communication tools, useful apps related to your job, proper equipment, etc. is important to help you speed up your work and finish it on time. So, the demand for necessary tools from your manager so that you can complete your job faster and better.

· Stop procrastination and start focusing

If you want to manage your time well, stop procrastination right away. Procrastination is a very bad habit and can cause a lot of time waste. It’s important that you keep yourself away from distractions and focus on your work that needs to be completed. Time management can’t be done without enough focus. There are lots of distractions around you but it depends on you what you choose.

· Prioritizing

‘Eat the frog’. If your job is to eat the frog, eat it early in the morning. If your job is to eat two frogs, eat the bigger one first. This concludes that prioritizing is very crucial when it comes to tome management. Always complete the bigger and complicated targets first and then come to the smaller ones. Prioritizing your tasks keeps you motivated by the end of the day as keeping difficult task for the last moment when you are exhausted can, in fact, lead you to push it to the next day and thus increasing your load on next day.

· Take regular breaks

Regular breaks are necessary because we are humans and not machines, we work with the help of our brains and not fuel. Therefore, it’s vital to keep regular breaks and refresh our minds. We can’t work all day long with the same amount of productivity. If you want to maintain your productivity throughout the day, breaks from time to time are necessary. However, keep your breaks short limited to a maximum of 10 minutes and a minimum of 2 minutes.

· Say ‘No’ and delegate

If someone loads you with their share of work feel free to say no if you are already overwhelmed by work. However, if you are free it’s up to you whether to help or not if someone requests you. Also, learn to delegate work appropriately within your subordinates, whenever you feel too much pressure of work or have to finish a project before the deadline. Delegation of work is an important step in time management as it helps you spare some more time and you can finish more amount of work in the same time.

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