Procrastination is avoiding tasks that need to be done. It can be also stated as an illness or a habit of delaying tasks. It is a force that prevents you from completing the undertaken work. Humans have been struggling with delaying and avoiding important tasks.

Being more productive can be used to stop procrastination but how to be more productive? 7 tips from our side to help you.

· Create a schedule

Create a proper realistic and achievable schedule for you to follow. Break down your work and specify time for each of your work and try to finish it within the time limit.

· Add fun activities in your schedule

Adding fun activities in your schedule will motivate you to finish your work early and go to fun activities.

· Choose your deadlines

Choosing your own deadlines earlier than the actual deadlines will help you finish your work earlier and stress-free.

· Avoid distraction

Stay away From the things that distract you. Distraction is the main reason for procrastination. Social media distractions are difficult to handle but are manageable. You just need to avoid using social media every now and then.

· Reward yourself

Include small rewards for yourself. Whenever you complete some work reward yourself with something you love. This will keep you motivated and work towards your goals.

· Segregate your work into small segments

Break your work into small sets and try to achieve each set. One of the reason why we procrastinate is we find our work too much to handle. Segregating our work might help to lower the pressure of too much work.

· Tell others about your goals

Telling someone about your goals is going to make you accountable to complete your work. Whenever your friends or colleagues see you they are Going to ask you about the status of your work. It motivates us to keep working.