· Organize your day well

Maintain a journal, wherein you must write down all the activities you must do in that particular day. Organize your day in such a manner that you don’t waste a single minute and try to do some kind of work even if you are free. It is necessary because all you have is 24 hours in a day like all the other people and if you want to manage two things your day needs to be well organised.

· Make the most of each hour

Again it is important that you make every minute, every hour count. Work hard and don’t get distracted by anything during your working hours otherwise, you won’t be able to complete your daily tasks. Also, you’ll have to sacrifice on your sleep and some me-time, which is not ideal for your health. Therefore, try to make the most out of each hour of the day.

· Outsource as and when possible

Job can’t be outsourced but business work can be. You don’t need to outsource your entire business. But some parts where you know someone else can do better and is cost-effective than you must outsource that particular job. Outsourcing makes your work burden less and also helps you too concentrate more and get better results.

· Be ready to make sacrifices

While you are managing both the things together, it’s obvious that you would lack time. You must, therefore, be ready to sacrifice many things. If you want to be successful, you must give up on somethings. Like hanging out with friends, watching movies or social media. These things are not important for your success and therefore you must keep them aside until you figure your things out.

· Plan out your business well

Draw a proper business plan, where you must decide how you are going to manage your business along with a job, what should you sacrifice, when would be the right time to quit the job etc. You must also talk with a lawyer if there are any issues with you doing business, despite having a job. Planning your business out will help you a lot to take it to the peak of success.

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