In a hasty life like ours, how often do we take a pause and admire the beauty of a butterfly? How often do we feel the calm of cold breeze moving around us? How often do we stare at the night sky and wonder about the existence of the universe? Not too often, right? Interacting with living beings other than humans can provide internal peace and satisfaction. Just a simple act of watching a tree play around with strokes of wind and wondering how it feels can calm you to the core!!

We live a busy life. There is no time to take a break and lighten yourself. But if you are looking for a way out of this hasty competitive world, this is your little opening. Just once have your lunch looking at the nature in your front yard or from your windows instead of staring at the TV screen. Just wake up 5mins early and enjoy your morning coffee watching how birds make their nest. Once in awhile, gaze into the afternoon sky and watch the clouds change shape. You don’t have to travel to a beautiful place or go to some hill station to enjoy nature. It is all around us, we are surrounded by nature. All you need is a pair of eyes willing to spend a minute to determine how nature works throughout the day. By the time you go to work and return all tired, the nest will be completely built. And in some days, you will see tiny baby birds chirping in it. This will only make you internally happy and satisfied.

This is how you learn to seek happiness in every little thing around you. You learn that you are not alone who has to go through a tough time. A nest requires as much hard work as preparing for a presentation considering the bird’s strength. Nature only inspires us and teaches us many life lessons. We only need to give time and absorb these lessons.