Slow progress is still progress and is an assurance that you have not given up. You might get frustrated with the small progress and decide to give up, which is not the right thing to do. Every drop of water adds up to become an ocean. Similarly, every small progress adds up to achieve success.

There’s this story about a turtle and the hare with a moral that slow and steady wins the race. But the hidden thought of the story was, it is always better to try than give up. The turtle had no way a chance to win against a hare but still, he chooses to give it a try. He kept on taking small steps but those small steps were moving him ahead, even if he took the time he achieved what he wanted.

This story brings us to the thought of making slow progress is always better than making no progress.

Why is slow progress better than nothing at all?

· Slow progress means you are trying and when you are trying there are chances to win, which means you are not a failure. But when you don’t try at all and give up, you are a failure even without trying. Taking small steps will take you somewhere you have never been, you’ll be at a position better than before. And one step towards your goal.

· Slow progress helps you learn and adapt new things as you move ahead. These new things you learn will help you to mould your journey towards success. You shouldn’t wait for a perfect opportunity to hop and achieve success because easy success doesn’t teach you how to maintain it. Working hard and putting efforts to take one step ahead helps you achieve true success.

· Slow progress helps you be patient. It teaches us the importance of patience in the journey towards success. It also teaches us to be flexible and resilient about the journey. If we never stop and keep moving, we end up in a better place than before.

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