Choosing a field of studies after secondary education has always been a pressured debate. But if we knew which field provides with money-making jobs it becomes easier to make a decision. Some industries are sinking and people choosing it have ended up jobless.  To not let this happen to you, read the following options: –

  • Information technology – Set to be worth 225 billion dollars by the end of 2020, the Indian IT sector has been the main contributor to push India towards development. Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore are all the places that offer companies with plenty of job openings. Pune is said to be the IT hub of India. With the increasing demand in high-speed internet, superior cell network and first-class cell phones, the Indian IT sector is widely open with jobs.
  • Finance sector – Banking financial services and insurance (BSFI) is the most profitable sector in India. Financial analyst, teller, financial manager, loan officer, credit manager, quantitative analyst, portfolio manager etc are the job profiles available in this sector.  You have to be good at maths and have an in-depth knowledge of economics.  You can earn up to 453₹ per hour if you get an adequate job.

  • Abroad – If you wish to go abroad for higher studies, here are some options you can try: –
  1. Teaching English: – if you are looking for a teaching job, teaching English in nations where English is not a primary language can pay you well. Countries like Thailand, Japan, China or other European nations can be tried for a job like this.
  2. Tourism in Spain: – If you already have experience in the tourism and hospitality sector looking for a job in Spain is a good deal. Spain’s tourism provides about 10-11% of the national GDP. Spain was worlds 2nd most visited place in 2019.
  3. Marketing in China: -Its no surprise that China has been dominating the world economy for years now. If you have the will learn the Chinese language and be familiar with the legal system, china is worth a try for business and marketing.
  4. The auto industry in Germany: – It is no wonder that the worlds most luxurious cars are manufactured in Germany. Germany is well known for its engineering marvels in the automobile sector and has been dominating the car industry from ages. Automobile, mechanical and fabrication engineers can try Germany for a well-paid job.

Choosing a career based on salary is good thinking for the future, but only if you keep your interests in mind. Working hard in a job where you are not satisfied with the job will only depress you in the future and make you regret your choice.